Keynote Speakers/主讲嘉宾

Keynote Speakers/主讲嘉宾


Prof. Wai Yuen SZETO

The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China


Title: Taxi Service Area Design

Abstract: Multiple taxi types with different service areas exist in practice. However, to the best of our knowledge, there is no methodology to determine the best service region of each type of restricted area taxi in a taxi market. It is also unclear what the determinant factors are for the design. This study proposes a nonlinear mixed integer programming model to determine the service areas. The objective is to maximize social welfare. A greedy heuristic is developed to solve the model. Numerical examples are given to show the performance of the heuristic and the determinant factors for the design.


Prof. Yanlong Li

Xian University of Technology, China


Title: Research on the deterioration mechanism of concrete with initial damage under different load modes

Abstract: Due to the heterogeneity of concrete, it is easy to form initial defects such as microcracks and voids inside the concrete. In addition, due to the influence of long-term external load and concrete creep, more surface cracks will appear in the face slab. Based on acoustic emission technology, this paper studies the failure mechanism of concrete with initial damage under uniaxial compression. Through the simulation analysis under sustained load, the relationship between internal damage and nonlinear creep of concrete is discussed. According to the indoor test under hydrostatic pressure, the expansion law of crack morphology under the stress mode of hydraulic concrete is revealed.


A. Prof. Zhuangzhuang Liu

Changan University, China


Title: Research on snow self-melting asphalt pavement technology based on targeted heat conduction

Abstract: In winter, low temperature leads to snow freezing on Road area, which brings great safety problem to traffic. Based on the targeted heat conduction technology, an intelligent pavement is developed, which can increase the temperature of roads and realize the self-melting of ice. This research designed a kind of high thermal conductivity asphalt concrete, studied the influence of key materials such as heating element, heat conductor and insulation on the heating effect of concrete, and verified the influence factors of environmental temperature, the amount of snow and working time on snow melting effect. Through the self-designed " end-side-cloud" IOT control system, the unattended operation of snow self-melting pavement is realized.


Prof. Chenghua Wang

Tianjin University, China


Title: A Three-dimensional Limit Equilibrium Method for Analysing the Basal Upheaval Stability of Deep Slender Foundation Pits

Abstract: Deep slender foundation pits which are of small plane dimensions and deep supporting structure have been increasing used in engineering practice. Spatial effects of this type of foundation pits are obvious, and the existing analysis methods are not suitable for such deep foundation pits. Therefore, three-dimensional basal upheaval stability analysis methods considering the spatial effect are badly needed. On the basis of former analytical solutions, a new model of upheaval failure for deep hollow slender foundation pits was suggested by applicating the limit equilibrium technique in entire foundation pits, considering the influnces of spatial effects of the retaining structure, and a global factor of safety against upheaval instability was defined and the applicability was demonstrated with some parametric analyses.

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