Welcome Jingshuang Li (Senior Engineer) to become a member of committee!

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Jingshuang Li (Senior Engineer)

Geotechnical Engineering Department, Tianjin Port Engineering Institute Co., Ltd. of CCCC First Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd., China

Research Area:

Unsaturated soil mechanical theory, centrifuge modelling

Research Experience:

Li’s recent work involves development of a geotechnical centrifuge of 200g·t capacity. He is engaged in geotechnical centrifuge model test technology, theoretical and experimental researches on constitutive relation of unsaturated soil. He proposed a measurement method of matric suction of unsaturated soil in the centrifuge model test, and conducted a series of centrifugal model tests on the humidifying deformation characteristics of unsaturated expansive soil. The dynamic centrifuge model test method was specially studied, and he conducted an evaluation on the IWHR R500 large geotechnical centrifuge bi-directional shaker. He also explored current stress viable theory of unsaturated soil and demonstrated the application foundation of using the effective stress method to construct the elasto-plastic model for unsaturated soil.